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Luminate Nails Watford: At Luminate we offer acrylic nail extensions aswell as long lasting gel colours, nail art and specialist paints. For those who like the natural nail we offer a full range of hand & nail care services from a mini mani to luxury pedicure and callus peel.

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Full Set of Acrylics £25 / Gel Extensions £35
Long lasting nail extensions available in various shapes depending on your preference, looked after well can last quite a few weeks.

Infills Acrylics £16 / Gel Extension Infills £26
As your natural nails grow you will need infills to keep your nail extensions looking perfect.

Long Lasting Gel Colour £25 / £10  when having full set of extensions
Starting with a mini manicure and ending with a choice of glossy colour applied and set with UV light to last three times longer than regular nail polish. Also available for toes at the same price.

Gel Colour Hands & Feet Package £45 (save £5)
Long lasting gel colour for both the hands and the feet.

File & Polish £10 Hands or Toes
Just need a quick tidy up and colour change? This treatment is for you.

Kids Nail Polish £5 (hands or toes). Age 10 years and under
Young girls can choose a polish of their choice. Check out our mummy/daughter package below.

Mummy & Daughter Nail Package £27. Children age 10 years and under
Spend some quality time with your young daughter in the salon get gel colour for you and a pretty polish of her choice for her fingers too.  Additional children £3

Nail Art, Designs and Gems from £2 per nail

Manicure £18 / £35 with Gel Colour
The full works on hands, nails and finished with a colour polish of your choice.

Pedicure £25 / £37 with Gel Colour
The full works on the feet and nails and finished with a colour of your choice.

Manicure & Pedicure Package £40 / £70 with Gel Colour
Hands and feet package finished with a choice of colour.

Callus Peel £25 / with Polish £30 / with Gel Colour £45
Get super soft and smooth feet in only 30 mins with our professional Callus Peel. (save £5 with gel colour package)

Callus Peel ‘holiday feet’ Package with Pedicure & Gel Colour £50
Enjoy beautiful feet with a callus peel, full pedicure and gel colour.

Removal of Nail Extensions or Gel Polish £10 (£5 with new set applied)
Professional removal of our nail extensions or gel polish whilst caring for your natural nail.

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