Sunbed Tanning Watford //

Tanning Salon: At Luminate Watford we have four sunbeds, 2 lay down and 2 stand up. We have a variety of tubes including red light and also rainbow tubes.  One of our lay down sunbeds is the new luxury Ergoline 1100, this top of the range super power sunbed gives the ultimate tanning experience. We offer a wide range of tanning lotions and oils from as little as £2. We also offer FakeBake spray tanning.

We do not take bookings for sunbeds.

Tanning Pricelist //

P.A.Y.G (per minute) 65p Standard Sunbeds / 85p Super Power Sunbeds

70 Minutes: £39 (55p per min) /£53 (75p per min)

100 Minutes: £53 (53p per min) / £73 (73p per min)

200 Minutes: £98 (49p per min) / £138 (69p per min)

*70 Min courses expire after 6months, 100 & 200 min courses expire after 12months.

FREE Full Size Bottle of tanning lotion with all 200 minute courses

Why use a tanning cream? //

coupleIts a fact that a 10 minute sunbed WITHOUT a tanning cream actually gives only 4 tanning minutes.

Using a lotion specifically designed for UV tanning is beneficial for the following reasons:

Moist skin tans faster and more efficiently, resulting in a better tan in fewer visits-saving you money!

Moisturised skin readily absorbs UV light, while dry skin reflects it.

Moist skin is less likely to burn.

Active ingredients in lotions supplement your skin’s cells with the same proteins that naturally enhance the tanning process.

A specially formulated tanning lotion can give you a lasting tan by helping retain UV induced melanin longer.

Tanning lotions supply the skin with nutrients essential for a tan, while keeping your skin moist and healthy, UV exposure can dehydrate your skin, and tanning lotions help to replenish moisture lost during your tanning session.